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Bapat started its services with an intention of serving customers with wide product segments across various categories. The first step towards this was the opening of Bosch Brand Store, dealing with genuine Bosch products. We are able to maintain a solid customer base with great product and service satisfaction. Our Mission is To create utmost customer satisfaction, providing the highest level of gratification. We strive to keep our customer’s happy. Our Vision is to Become one of the most reputed retail network chains of stores and supply authentic and best brand to customers.

In Nagpur, Bapat's Bosch is the only supplier of German technology in the area of home and kitchen Appliances. The Bosch products are tailored to individual market requirements, and whose products and services are also designed to improve quality of life. At Bapat's Bosch Home appliances, a legacy of quality and excellent service meets innovations invented for life. Bosch appliances Focus to make every day easier; through perceivable quality, surprisingly simple solutions and modern, authentic design for any type of Household work. Bosch appliances enhance lives by creating comfort and convenience in day to day life for a quiet, healthy and stylish home. Bapat's Bosch offers home and kitchen appliances that are reliable, efficient and a joy to use-for more peace of mind in everyday life.


Bosch considers less than perfect quality as “intolerable”. As per the Bosch products are considered, premium quality means high-end materials and first-class expertise, every step of the way. These innovative kitchen and home appliances aren't just gimmicks; they deliver real benefits to the user as well. For example, look at our PerfectCook cooking sensor. It measures the temperature of what’s inside your pan and adjusts the setting of your cooktop accordingly. Your food will never boil over again. 

At Bapat's Bosch, we do care about nature as well. From production to packaging, every aspect of the business is sustainable without compromising on performance and design. All the Home and Kitchen appliances are among the most efficient and economical in the world. Just one example, since 1990, Bosch has cut the water consumption of the innovated appliances by 59%. Innovations like i-DOS, a washing machine feature that automatically adds the right amount of detergent and water to each cycle, make it possible. Bosch appliances are built to last, even being handed down from one generation to the next. the reliability extends beyond our products. 

We are devoted to making home life smarter, simpler and healthier. Being Europe’s number-one home and kitchen appliance brand, you can count on Bosch performance to make your everyday life easier. Our home appliances have always offered technical perfection and absolute reliability. Now they’re smart-home-ready, too. Experience the jaw-dropping technology by actually visiting the store.

Make Your household Work Cleaner, Faster and Smarter.

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Plot no. 5, Chaitra Apartment, Ground Floor, Beside Shree Radhe Mangalam Hall, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur-440022


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